Our Values

Emotions are a key value to Shame.Studio. The entire concept of the brand is shaped around the very humanly emotions everyone feels. We encoded them in our swimwear collection for the first time in 2020 as a puzzle of words that express the emotions we believe one feels when they are in love. All of them written in the language of LOVE.

Freedom is the core of Shame.Studio values. For the first time we implemented it in some of our signatures pieces as  Libre Comme L'art swimwear line. The narrative of Shame.Studio speaks loudly about the dimensions that freedom expands to - freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of the human soul. In order one to be truly happy, they should be free in their mind. It is very well implemented in the Shame.Studio attire as we like to encourage people to express themselves with our clothes. Shame.Studio's take on style is both feminine, masculine and setting the focus on one's singurality. That can be very well observed in the bold combinations we sometimes like to do with our pieces - combine absolute opposites in fashion together and make them look stunning together.

To Shame.Studio youth is a state of mind. The brand expresses this value by making contemporary pieces that are versatile. All of the attire is both modern and expressive but the cut and style are comfortable, could be sexy but not too revealing and are very well suited for all ages and social status. Shame.Studio does not advocate an attitude; it encourages each individual to express their personality by forging their own style, wearing what they want and not be determined by age.

Encouragement takes a vast place in the Shame.Studio style of communication. The brand's narrative is empowering, encouraging to it's autience and tends to impact people to be a better version of themselves, to take leaps of faith, to chase their dreams and believe in themselves. Ironically, the "Shame.on.me" concept takes place among some of our signature printed models. The "Shame.On.Me" label is here to refuse the statement that one should always live as they are told, sometimes in the way of the dreams coming true there are some rules that need to be broken.

Shame.Studio‘s mission is to push people to embrace that inner voice and take the leap of faith they were always afraid to. It aims to bring people together and encourage them to tell their stories, make them embrace their emotion and live life to the fullest.

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