Shame.Studio is a brand that makes elegance meet urban. In our atelier we create stories. The clothes are the "canvas" and we let every single person that is wearing them write their own chapter of the Shame.Studio story in their lives.

The process of creation is somewhat intimate since it happens in the presense of very few people. Shame.Studio does not produce fast fashion, since our beliefs are that fashion should be versatile, that our attire basically never goes out of style, only adapts to the trends of the time.

From the hands of our trusted creators, the ones who sketch our pieces, to those who actually bring them to life there is carefully thought out process. Once we have seen the first glimpse of the new pieces that are coming and we have chosen the right fabrics, the beauty of the process begins. 

Our fabrics are left to "rest" for about 12 hours before the cutting and sewing, since that prevents the clothes from distortion throughout the process. This step is done for every single fabric that we use  - from polyester, cotton, faux leather, wool, denim etc.

Shame.Studio has signature selections of pieces that share the same distinctive feature. We like to add to every piece we make a small detail just to make it special. All of our A-neckline shaped jackets and blazers share the laser engraved leather logo badge centered on the top at the back. 

All of the classic slim silhouette fit blazers have the same logo badge but this time is placed on the back left shoulder. It is a signature sign for all our suits

Prints are very dear to the story of Shame.Studio since the very first collection that was brought to life under our label consisted of 12 signature t-shirts in a classic slim fit, all of them with prints. Throughout the storyline of the brand afterwards we haven't abandoned them, just upgraded. In the last collection of printed t-shirts "Love Matters" we introduced a new way of printing on the fabrics - a soft 3D one which is of the highest quality and feels amazing to the touch. 

The embroideries have a special place in our hearts, but not in too many of Shame.Studio's pieces. We found embroidery very special and inly to the clothes. That's the reason the only embroideries we have are in a capsule selection of three neural colour t-shirts with a 3D embroidery of our logo. Later on we added a capsule selection of bucket hats which have embroidered phrases and words that are a symbol of our vision and values.

The stitching itself is an art. Every single piece that is made under the label of Shame.Studio is sewn by the hands of our modiste. With extra care, the sewing of the t-shirts is very refine and neat. For the blazers and jackets the technique is as exqusite as you cannot even tell where the needlework is done, they are almost wearable even the other way around.



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