This collection is our tribute to love. But not in a typical way. It is a reminder of how important love is, and how often we forget about it. The love for our significant other. The love for life, adventures, experiencing new emotions and staying true to yourself. The self-love. The one that allows you to live your most amazing life ever.

Soft cotton t-shirts, uniquely embroidered bucket hats and of course, many many details that will make you feel special. As always.

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Launched in 2021 our "ESSENTIALS" collection is a representation of simplicity. We believe that less is more. This collection is made of timeless pieces,everyone's must-haves in their wardrobe - comfortable, simple designs, classic colours and a small detail just to make it special.

Essentials is iconic. Essentials is timeless. Essentials is simple, yet beautiful.

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A swimwear and beach accessories line created for those who always want to stand out. Iconic pieces, matching sets and handmade accessories all tailor-made exclusively by Shame.Studio.

A swimwear line telling it's own story. A story about emotions, love, cocktails at the beach, late summer nights and catching the sunset. 

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