With the creation of Shame.Studio we dreamed about creating a community of people who are bound by the same values as us. Shame.Studio is a brand that makes elegance meet urban. With that same approach we make a connection with our people, who we like to call #shamestudiosouls and we are all connected by our love for freedom, emotions, life and our Stories.

Shame.Studio is created in response of the average person's needs to find their place and fit in this world. Clothes are an unique way for one to express themselves. On the other hand the modern person of the 21st century lives a fast life, a busy one where work, fun and travel all blend in together. That opens up the needs for both men and women to build a contemporary wardrobe for themselves that works all ways - to express their true self, to fit perfectly in business occassions and to be comfy and chic enough to live their best life in the meantime. That's why we created an attire that fits all.

“Shame” for us is not an ordinary word. Contrary to any common sense, we embrace it.

We believe one should never be ashamed of themself. We're all living in the same world and fighting with the same demons in our own way. Shame.Studio's cause is to make you believe in yourself, to trust your instincts and to know you're not alone and whatever your life story is you shall not be ashamed of it. We tend to push people embrace the good and the bad times of their lifes and share them with the world, expressing themselves with our clothes. 

Inspired by the Parisian fashion in 21st century,our vision is to create a label that defines high-end fashion creations
in a witty and creative way. We created this brand for the ones who find it difficult to tame their chaos. For the ones who don’t want to fit into any stereotypes. For the ones that feel good in their skins. For the beautiful minds out of any concept. Shame.Studio is madness in its pure form. 

Behind the slogan ‘It’s time to fall in love’ we mean not only to fall in love with a significant other but with life itself, with its sunrises and sunsets, with the wind in your hair, with the adrenaline while riding a motorbike, with your barefeet on the grass, with the sudden rain, with freedom, with emotions. Our vision is to create a high-end streetwear brand with an urban taste that could suit the best of both worlds - everyday chic, urban men fashion and business attire.

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